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Majacraft Flyer Kits


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Majacraft Flyer Kits
Majacraft Flyer Kits
Majacraft Flyer Kits
Majacraft Flyer Kits
Majacraft Flyer Kits
Majacraft Flyer Kits

To help with various spinning activities, we have put together accessory kits for many common tasks. Rather than having to carefully choose the bobbins and flyers to suit what you want to do, we have included all the components that you need to do the job.


The Stylus kit has the spindle and TWO stylus bobbins. The extra bobbin is necessary if you plan on plying your yarn spun with the stylus.


For a full description of the Stylus click on the Majacraft Stylus link.


The Plying Kit is made up of a plying flyer and ONE plying bobbin. The plying flyer has an easy to thread delta orifice that is very simple to use. The plying bobbins have an exceptionally large capacity and will contain up to two of our standard bobbins of yarn.


A lazy kate is necessary when plying so if you are interested in a Plying Kit and don’t have one, remember to check out the Majacraft Lazy Kates.


The Lace Kit includes TWO lace bobbins, a lace flyer with low friction ceramic inserts and a fast pulley.


The lace bobbins have a “fat” core that reduces the tension on the yarn as you spin. The ceramic inserts in the flyer have a very low friction coefficient so the spun yarn glides effortlessly through the guides. The fast pulley will help you spin finer yarns with ease. The ratios possible with your fast pulley can be found on the individual wheel pages.



Wild Flyer Kit includes our innovative Wild Flyer and ONE jumbo wooden bobbin. Bulky Wild yarns tend to fill up our standard bobbins very quickly so we put the Wild Flyer Kit together so you could spin longer yarns. The Wild Flyer with its very large ceramic orifices allows you to effortlessly spin pretty much anything you can imagine!


As with most of our accessories, the Wild Flyer kit will fit straight on your Majacraft spinning wheel


Little Gem Wild Flyer Kit has the same Wild Flyer and jumbo bobbin but also includes a special small scotch tension knob to ensure there is plenty of clearance between the flyer and scotch tension adjustment.


The Baby Bobbin kit includes TWO baby bobbins and a lace flyer. This kit has two functions, firstly it can either be used as a plying set for lace bobbins. A baby bobbin can fit up to two lace bobbins of yarn onto it so is a great compliment to the Lace kit.


Alternatively it can be used as a low drag spinning kit. The small flyer and bobbin have a lower rotational inertia than their larger counterparts so require less effort to spin faster and longer.

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